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Feb. 4th, 2012



Bases: Shinpuri ep 1 (Part 1)

140: Shinpuri Bases Part 2 - Part Two [Here]


1) 2) 3)

See The Rest [Here] @ wonderland__

Dec. 10th, 2010



Seishun University RP

Welcome to Seishun University

Seishun University sei_dai is a place of beauty, intelligence and power. If you want to be successful in this University you have to be popular and beautiful.
This popularity is based on your amount of logs, posts and comments.
(You get points which you also can use for your character to get better stuff or to shorten the time before you can app for another character, if you want that XD)

The five highest ranked Students are the 'Royal 5' and form the Student council. They rule the school and their word is law.

Every student has to choose one of the 'Royal 5' to be his mentor.(though mostly it doesn't affect much) If they don't choose then the Royal 5 will decide which of them will guide the Student.

The acting Royal 5 are:

#1 Atobe Keigo (King)
#2 Fuji Shyuusuke (Princess)
#3 Kikumaru Eiji (Prince)
#4 Shishido Ryo (Prince)
#5 Yukimura Seiichi (Prince)


This is an AU Prince of Tennis RP.
If the characters know each other or not is up to you. (the teams as such never existed).

Tennis isn't that important here, if you character plays tennis it is good, but there will be no tournaments.

The Links:
Rules * Gameplay/FAQ * Application * Available Characters

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Oct. 17th, 2010

fishbones: waiter yagyuu


fic: One Last Memory

I bring a Shin Tenipuri fic~

Title: One Last Memory
Words: 2,872
Rating: PG
Summary: They didn’t bid each other farewell, nor did they exchange one last glance, but Niou would be back.
Notes: Spoilers for Shin Tenipuri up to chapter 34. Features Yagyuu and Niou with various mentions of other U-17 members. This was written for switching_it_up, a D1 exchange.

( One Last Memory )

Jul. 23rd, 2010



(no subject)

Hi everyone, the second round of top_cagnotte is open for sign-ups!

top_cagnotte is the tenipuri reversathon.

What's this nonsense, you ask?

It’s a reverse ficathon/artathon, also known as a choose your own author/artist ficathon/artathon: you choose your author/artist based on what zie enjoys writing, and then make a request based on that instead of making a request and being matched up with an author/artist. So you might just get the fic you've been wanting to read since you entered fandom…

Sound fun? To sign up, just comment on this post with a completed questionaire by July 31, 2010. The guidelines are here.

There hasn't been a lot of people who's offered the shin!tenipuri canon, so I hope to see more presence there from fans who are following shin!tenipuri! The first round was a lot of fun, so I hope to see you there for this round! ♥

May. 31st, 2010


[question] status

after searching the net without finding the answer to the following question, i'm posting it here now:
are new chapters still beening released or has the manga been discontinued.
if the former, then where can i find the new raws (ch 29 and up)
please help

Apr. 7th, 2010



Chapter 27 & 27

Scanlations of chapter 27 and chapter 28 are up by JAC. Happy reading~

Mar. 17th, 2010



Chapter 26: Revolution

Read ch. 26 at OneManga

Mar. 16th, 2010



Chapter 25

is yours for the taking here at OneManga

Feb. 18th, 2010

Suave Mods


PoT - LiveJournal

:Game Details:

A Slice-of-Life Prince of Tennis RPG set in present day, two years after the end of the anime. All characters are now in high school, living their lives, falling in love, doing all those things that kids do. And we're always on the lookout for new characters/players~ So if you're interested in playing a game that's a little different from the norm, then come and check us out!

Characters Wanted:

Highly Sought After:

  • Kisarazu Atsushi
  • Higashikata Masami
  • Echizen Ryoga
  • Saeki Koujirou
  • Kawamura Takashi
  • Inui Sadaharu
  • Kite Eishirou
  • Hirakoba Rin

  • Desperately Need:
  • Hitouji Yuuji
  • Akutsu Jin
  • Oishi Syuuichirou

  • Female Characters Needed:
  • Ryuuzaki Sakuno

    Also Looking For:
  • Anyone from Shin Tenipuri/U17.

  • Come to see us @ pot_lj to join in on the fun~

    // Taken Characters // Apply Here // Rules //

    Feb. 11th, 2010



    Chapter 24!

    Go here! Scanlation up by JAC. :D

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